Market globalization, shorter product's shelf life, the increasing productive and distributive activities outsourcing  and the increased aggressiveness of the markets have been giving procurement an increasingly important role in business strategy, in operations management efficiency and thus in every company's profitability.


In such competitive economic environment, selecting and rationalizing suppliers, products and deliveries are our client's daily key challenges.





Procurement has become therefore one of the strategic fields of any organization. In the fuel market, this subject assumes even greater relevance and specificity due to its diversity, technicality and quantity of goods and products that are required to grant the smoothness of operation in such a demanding field.


All the technical and compliance requirements that are normally involved on the activities of any company in this Oil&Gas market makes procurement one of the most critical aspects of its activity, earning therefore, a special monitoring and attention.


Following the market development and understanding its customers’ needs, Sacol Trading & Procurement Division took hold of an accumulated 20 year experience in the energy field and has specialized in providing procurement services to companies operating in this sector. In Sacol Trading & Procurement Division, we believe that we can only provide an effective added value to our customers as long they share their accurate needs and markets where they operate.



Sacol Trading & Procurement Division is aware that modern corporate competition implies an objective orientation towards activity efficiency and a proactive attitude when measuring business performance; therefore we have an integrated view of the Organization´s process optimization and continuous improvement, contributing to the promotion of operational efficiency.



We combine 20 years of experience in the fuel sector to a multidisciplinary technical team and recognized technical quality, which guarantees our Client the provision of procurement services that meet the highest international standards. We assure the continuous engagement of our operational areas - Technical, Legal, Economic and Accounting, to ensure that we provide the best and most complete solutions to our Client.


In Sacol Trading & Procurement Division client orientation is a reality and we acknowledge that compliance with legal / regulatory requirements and the use of "BAT" - Best Available Techniques are key in strengthening the competitiveness of our Clients.


In this sense, Sacol Trading & Procurement Division offers its procurement services, ensuring the submission to its Clients the most efficient solutions based on the latest technical and technological innovations that meet the criteria defined by international standards and regulations applicable to the various business segments concerned.





Sacol Trading & Procurement Division procurement services will contribute to:

a) Reduce expenses on the acquisition of goods and services and other procedural costs;

b) All technical and specification compliance assurance;

c) All legal and normative compliance assurance;

d) Reducing of purchases cycle times;

e) Higher reporting and monitoring;

f) Reputational cost management;

g) Traceable purchase process development, auditable and financially credible;

h) Control of Indirect costs;

i) Company image consolidation in the market.


We assure to our Clients the best supply terms having in mind the basis criteria regarding quality, cost, time and service in compliance with regulatory requirements, ensuring transparency and equal criteria in the award procedure and taking also into account collateral aspects such as sustainability.


The implemented purchasing processes were developed in accordance with the principles embodied in "WTO Agreement on Government Procurement", "European Union Directives (on procurement and remedies)", "UN Convention Against Corruption" e "Procurement Guidelines and Consultant Guidelines of the World Bank", thus ensuring alignment with international best practices.


By aligning our procedures with the highest and most demanding international market standards, we can assure our Clients:

a) Competitive, clear and fair processes viewing the procurement, award and management of contracts;

b) That all requests are based on a clear and accurate product, goods or services description;

c) Contracts will only be awarded to qualified suppliers and contractors;

d) The cost will be within commercially reasonable limits;

e) Processes and procedures will be built and the objectives pursued in the Client’s exclusive interest.


Accumulated experience and knowledge enables Sacol Trading & Procurement Division to provide to our Clients the best professionals in contract and purchasing management, expertise in key main sectors and categories and knowledgeable of the best acquisition and negotiating strategies, thus ensuring that their services are a real added-value and a significant contribution to our Client’s competitiveness.





Why Sacol Trading & Procurement Division?


Being Client oriented, Sacol Trading & Procurement Division knows the market and its Client’s needs. For us, the best solution is always the one that fully meets the customer's real needs. Our multidisciplinary team allows us to find and offer the best solutions from a technical point of view, quality, deadlines and price.


The procedures we embarked are aligned with international best practices in the industry. For us, the rigorous and careful selection of products, goods, or equipment suppliers is a reality.


We ensure that the goods and equipment to be acquired:

a) Fully meet our Client’s requirements;

b) Comply with the applicable rules and regulations;

c) Hold all quality certification requirements;

d) They feature the latest technical / technological incorporations;

e) Have a good performance record, when applicable;

f) Hold a usage warranty, when applicable;


We share a global business view and believe our Suppliers, firs off all, are also our partners, and thus when selecting them, we follow also a thorough criteria. We require our Suppliers:

a) High credibility in the market;

b) Manufacturing track record and blameless supply;

c) High auditable technical capacity by Sacol Trading & Procurement Division;

d) Appropriate financial resources;

e) Ability to fabricate and supply;

f) Meeting deadlines;

g) Willing to establish long-lasting partnerships;

h) Willing to negotiate;

i) Flexibility to adjust to specific Client’s requirements.


The stringent business processes we undertake allow us not only a cost reduction but also enhances the reliability of the purchased products. It is for us a question of honor that the careful supplier selection ensures that they contribute positively to achieving good outcomes for our Clients.


Sacol Trading & Procurement Division combines processes and procedures that meet the most demanding international standards, with the expertise of its multidisciplinary team, which has over 20 years of experience in the fuel sector in Angola;


It is known that there are some constraints on imports of goods and equipment, which requires that matters relating to freight forwarders and customs clearance are treated in a very strict and professional manner with suppliers. In Sacol Trading & Procurement Division we have the necessary experience in handling these issues.


In Sacol Trading & Procurement Division we look at ourselves as Client’s partners and we believe we can contribute to the achievement of the desired results. As we know, excellence does not come by chance; we worked for 20 years having excellence as our final goal at the end of each day.


Sacol Trading & Procurement Division holds the required ability to provide procurement services of excellence to its Clients allowing them to concentrate resources on their core business, releasing and optimizing resources and processes in the procurement department.